HubSpot Training Day 2020

Maximize the power of HubSpot across your entire organization. Whether you’re just getting started or have been on the platform for years, HubSpot can transform your business, if your whole team knows how to get the most from your investment. Learn how at this full-day, virtual event.

October 27th, 2020 | 9:00AM - 5:00PM EDT

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Our Speakers

More speakers to be announced soon!

Speaker Background Oliver Baron
Oliver Baron
Senior Sales Manager
Speaker Background Rachel Sheldon
Rachel Sheldon
Inbound Professor, HubSpot Academy
Speaker Background Alexis Rodriguez
Alexis Rodriguez
Principal Solutions Engineer, HubSpot
Speaker Background Regina Takai
Regina Takai
Principal Services Engineer
Speaker Background Marcus Sheridan
Marcus Sheridan
Author of They Ask, You Answer, Partner at IMPACT
Speaker Background Bob Ruffolo
Bob Ruffolo
Founder & CEO of IMPACT
Speaker Background Tyler Lessard
Tyler Lessard
VP of Marketing, Vidyard
Speaker Background Rob Sale
Rob Sale
Head of Alliances, Vidyard
Speaker Background Liz Moorehead
Liz Moorehead
Editorial Director, IMPACT
Speaker Background Adriti Gulati
Adriti Gulati
Inbound Professor, HubSpot
Speaker Background Hugh Durkin
Hugh Durkin
Director, Product Development at HubSpot
Speaker Background Carina Duffy
Carina Duffy
Director of HubSpot Training, IMPACT
Speaker Background Kyle Jepson
Kyle Jepson
Senior Inbound Sales Professor, HubSpot
Speaker Background Courtney Caldwell
Courtney Caldwell
Co-Founder of ShearShare
Speaker Background Adi Shah
Adi Shah
Technical Inbound Partner Professor, HubSpot
Speaker Background Joe Bachir
Joe Bachir
HubSpot Trainer, IMPACT
Speaker Background Robert Abney
Robert Abney
Head of Growth & Strategic Partnerships, ShearShare
Speaker Background Dan Tyre
Dan Tyre
Director at HubSpot
Speaker Background Nate Medina
Nate Medina
Product Marketing Manager, HubSpot
Speaker Background Jordan Benjamin
Jordan Benjamin
Senior Partner Strategist, HubSpot
Speaker Background Jessica Palmeri
Jessica Palmeri
HubSpot Trainer
Speaker Background Hélène Nour Stengel
Hélène Nour Stengel
Inbound Success Coach at HubSpot
Speaker Background Mary Kate Nolan
Mary Kate Nolan
New User Customer Onboarding Specialist, HubSpot
Speaker Background Ethan Kopit
Ethan Kopit
Product Manager at HubSpot
Speaker Background Stephanie Baiocchi
Stephanie Baiocchi
Director of Community & Events, IMPACT
Speaker Background Jack Coldrick
Jack Coldrick
Senior Solutions Engineer HubSpot
Speaker Background David Little
David Little
ABM Implementer at IMPACT and Former HubSpotter



Interactive Sessions from
HubSpot Experts

From how to grow better with HubSpot to what the future holds for digital sales and marketing automation, join us for a day full of interactive sessions from Hubspot sales and marketing experts. 


3 In-Depth Tracks for HubSpot
Users of All Levels

With three in-depth tracks focused on fundamentals, optimization and advanced tools, you’ll be able to create a customized agenda that best fits where your company is with HubSpot’s sales and marketing tools, CMS and CRM. 

No matter what track you’re on, you’ll get in-depth, tactical training from IMPACT’s HubSpot experts, HubSpot Academy Professors and top industry leaders.


HubSpot Training for
Your Whole Team

Maximizing your investment in HubSpot isn’t just about sales or marketing. It takes alignment and automation across your entire team to see the business transforming results you want. HubSpot Training Day is designed to give your sales, marketing and leadership teams the training they each need to use HubSpot effectively and successfully.

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