9 Signs IMPACT Live Is Right for You

Published on May 2nd, 2019

*IMPACT Live has evolved into "Digital Sales and Marketing World". Join us at the only conference where marketing, sales, and leadership teams get aligned on digital, and ignite true business transformation.
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We get it--there are tons of marketing conferences out there, each one making more promises than the next. How in the world do you chose, especially when you have limited budget and, let's face it, zero time to spend away from the office?

Consider what you want to get out of a conference. What makes it worth your time? Who do you hope to learn from? How valuable will the networking be?

Here are 9 signs that IMPACT Live is where you need to be this August: 

1. You want to learn from the best in a no-fluff, all-action atmosphere. 🎓

Unlike most marketing conferences where the keynotes share “inspirational stories” and the breakouts are, well, hit or miss, IMPACT Live is a carefully crafted, immersive learning experience facilitated by one of the best digital sales and marketing teachers in the world, Marcus Sheridan. Not only is he a captivating and entertaining speaker, he’s helped thousands of companies around the world see breakthrough results from their digital efforts.
👉Haven’t seen Marcus speak before? Here’s a sample from IMPACT Live 2018.

The Big 5: Problems

2. You want to know what the most successful digital marketers are doing right now to generate leads and sales. 👍🏻

Yale Appliance grew revenue from $30M to $120M. West Roofing added $14M to its sales pipeline. Mazzella increased sales by $20M inside 18 months. They all cracked the code to having tremendous success through content and the principles Marcus Sheridan teaches in his ground-breaking book They Ask, You Answer. And they’re certainly not the only ones. These companies and others that have found success as true inbound organizations will be sharing their playbooks on how to embrace an inbound culture of creating industry-leading content and video, and you’ll be sitting right next to them.

3. You want to create a killer video marketing strategy! 🎥

Why wait to become a video expert? At IMPACT Live, you’ll learn how to get started with video quickly, drastically improve your on-camera performance, and set-up your video production at various budgets. Plus, you’ll learn the process of creating the seven types of video that build your brand, business, and bottom line. 

For a sneak peek of the amazing content at IMPACT Live, check out this session from last year on building great sales and marketing videos:

The Formula to Great Marketing and Sales Videos

4. You want to meet others as obsessed with digital sales and marketing as you are. 👀

You'll find the crowd at IMPACT Live to be a good mix of those at the beginning stages of inbound sales and marketing and those who are experts but want to continue to improve. Everyone at every stage freely asks questions of one another and shares their own stories so that others can learn from them. It's a friendly, energetic, and knowledgeable crowd -- and we all want each other to succeed!

IMPACT LIVE 2018-7969

5. You want to learn the secret to getting company-wide buy-in. 💡

The most useful playbooks and the best tips and tricks are totally useless if your boss, your sales team, or really anyone else in your company isn’t on board. IMPACT Live works best when every stakeholder participates as a team. But if that’s not possible and you’re flying solo to pick up some solid ideas to take home, then this is your place too. You’ll learn how others have fought for buy-in, how they got started on their journey, and what they did to achieve results that secured their status as digital sales and marketing rock stars. (And if you just need your boss to approve IMPACT Live, we have you covered.)

6. Your team wants to get fully aligned so they can rock the next 12 months. 👯‍♀️

Working in a team is fun. Working in a team that’s all on the same page is even better (and way more productive, right?). Teams at IMPACT Live benefit from a cohesive, interactive time together. This makes the event more workshop than conference, so that your team returns to the office fully aligned on your goals, in complete agreement about your strategy, and ready to get started right away.

7. You want to up your social buzz game. 🐝

Sessions at IMPACT Live include what leading companies are doing to increase ROI in paid media and organic social. Plus, Facebook guru Mari Smith sharing amazing strategies on how businesses can take advantage of all of Facebook’s latest features before they get oversaturated.

You can also give all you friends back home a serious case of FOMO. Here are some of the shout-outs we got last year. As leaders like Ann Handley, David Meerman Scott, and Tyler Lessard will tell you, IMPACT Live is the place to be!

IMPACT Live tweets

8. You like to get free stuff. 📚

Along with some nifty swag, you'll take home a copy of They Ask You Answer, 2nd Edition. That’s right! The second edition of Marcus Sheridan’s They Ask, You Answer will be taken right off the press and handed to you at IMPACT Live. This is the backbone of the true digital sales and marketing success we’ll be talking about throughout the event (and the principles it holds are largely responsible for the success of the companies we mentioned above^^.) This book will be your go-to resource.

9. You want to see what cool tools are out there that will elevate your results. ⚙️

You don't want to waste time talking tools that won't work or aren't right for you. And we don't want you to either! The sponsors at IMPACT Live have been carefully curated to match the needs of the audience. From design and video tools to data management and bot creation, our sponsors have you covered in a no pressure, we're-all-in-this-together environment.

Sound like you? We'd love to see you in Hartford this August!

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