How AIS Earned $100K in Initial Sales with They Ask, You Answer

Published on April 26th, 2019

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After 16 months of flat traffic and lead growth, AIS-NOW knew something had to change.

The technology provider offers end-to-end solutions for businesses in Las Vegas and Southern California, ranging from IT services to printer sales. They had been using a marketing agency, but the traditional tactics weren’t working.

“We knew we had to completely change the way we do business because the old way just didn’t work anymore,” AIS President Gary Houff said.

Houff saw the value of inbound marketing but wasn’t sure how to implement it himself. He had read They Ask, You Answer by Marcus Sheridan, an IMPACT partner, and reached out to Sheridan for advice.

Houff assumed Sheridan would suggest a simple switch from working with their current agency to working with IMPACT and having IMPACT’s team do the work for AIS. He was surprised when Marcus had a different suggestion.

“Marcus said, ‘We can teach you how to do inbound marketing yourself. Rather than have an agency do it for you, we can groom you to do it yourself,’” Houff said.

AIS Answered and Results Followed

AIS decided to take a leap of faith and give in-house inbound marketing a shot. They brought on Keven Ellison as their new VP of marketing to head the new marketing team.

At the same time, they began implementing the core tenets of the They Ask, You Answer philosophy: increasing trust with their prospects and customers by clearly answering common questions.

AIS began producing two blog articles and one video each week beginning in September 2017, answering their prospects' most pressing questions about office technology.

Their stagnant traffic began climbing month over month almost immediately.

In just 18 months, AIS’s organic website traffic grew 11X, and their contacts that had started to dry up have since increased 350%.

Revenue from all of their hard work and dedication has begun to pay off as well.

“We can attribute about $100,000 in just initial sales from implementing They Ask, You Answer in the last twelve months,” explained Keven. “And that’s really converted into significant revenue for the company. When you consider the lifetime value of a customer, that’s over half a million dollars so far.”

So why does the technology provider industry continue to use outdated business methods?

“Most people have not adopted this philosophy [of They Ask, You Answer], which I have no idea why,” Houff said. “If you’re willing to take the time and put in the extra work, you’ll quickly see the results. We’ve seen some dramatic results in the work we’ve done so far.”

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