The Best Marketing Conferences & Events to Attend in 2019 & 2020

Published on January 25th, 2019

*IMPACT Live has evolved into "Digital Sales and Marketing World". Join us at the only conference where marketing, sales, and leadership teams get aligned on digital, and ignite true business transformation.
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It's easy to stay in touch with one another, but it can be so much more challenging to make a real connection.

Being able to sit across from someone and share a coffee or stand in a crowd with each other and share an experience is the way we center ourselves, the way we find common ground, the way we feel human.

The power of face-to-face communication is strong, and there's science to back that up. People are more likely to respond to in-person requests and are more apt to stay focused on who they're speaking with and what they're learning when they're sharing the same physical space. 

This is what makes in-person events so powerful.

Not only do marketing events and conferences provide you with educational sessions, access to marketing industry leaders, and the opportunity for you to buff up your skills, you get the opportunity to learn from and connect with people going through similar experiences and overcoming similar challenges. 

The value in what you stand to learn at a conference easily outweighs the cost of attending

With so many events to choose from this year, we've selected some top picks for marketing conferences and events in 2019, listed in chronological order. 

1. Traffic & Conversion Summit

When: February 25–27, 2019
Where: San Diego, CA
Hosted by: DigitalMarketer
Cost: $1,995 (before February 8)
What to Expect: This mega-conference caters to marketers of all levels, along with agency owners, consultants, and entrepreneurs who want to level up their digital marketing efforts. There’s something for everyone. And there is a lot of everyone--the conference is expected to draw more than 6,000 attendees.

2. Social Media Marketing World

When: March 20–22, 2019
Where: San Diego, CA
Hosted by: Social Media Examiner
Cost: All-Access Ticket $1,597
What to Expect: With 5,000 attendees, Social Media Marketing World is a large-scale conference that boasts more than 100 speakers with some serious social media chops. Most of the attendees own or work for companies with less than 100 people, so if you want to elevate your social scene, have experience in a small or mid-sized business, and are looking for a large-scale event, this is for you.

3. CXL Live

When: March 27–29, 2019
Where: Austin, TX
Hosted by: CXL
Cost: Starting at $1,599 (depending on room type)
What to Expect: CXL Live is a single-track conference, which is popular since attendees don’t miss out on any of the sessions. This 3-day conference is unique in that it’s all-inclusive--attendees stay in a resort outside Austin and all meals (and depending on ticket type even the hotel room) are covered with a single ticket. This makes the event’s singular focus on conversion optimization even more attractive and attainable.

4. MozCon

When: July 15–17, 2019
Where: Seattle, WA
Hosted by: Moz
Cost: Early Bird General Admission $1,499
What to Expect: MozCon is a well-rounded conference with sessions on brand development, SEO, customer experience, social and content marketing, CRO, and analytics--there’s a little bit of something for everyone here as well.

MozCon also has a good mix of sessions that appeal to either beginners or experienced marketers, which means that no matter what level you are, you’ll walk away with strategies to put in place right away.

5. Digital Sales and Marketing World

When: April 5–7, 2020
Where: Hartford, CT
Hosted by: IMPACT
Cost: All-Access Ticket $599, VIP Ticket $999
What to Expect: Digital Sales & Marketing World is the only conference where marketing, sales, and leadership teams get aligned on digital, and ignite true business transformation. Following a morning of inspirational and transformative keynotes and workshops, each afternoon will also offer a suite of highly-specialized, deep-dive summits based on one’s role (April 6) and industry (April 7).

IMPACT encourages you to bring your team. In doing so, you’ll embark upon a transformative, collaborative learning experience guaranteed to spark true and lasting change at your organization.

6. Hypergrowth

When: September 3, 2019
Where: Boston, MA
Hosted by: Drift
Cost: Registration opening soon
What to Expect: Hypergrowth's Boston event is a great kick-off to a conference-filled week if back-to-back networking is your thing. This one-day event brings marketing and sales leaders and entrepreneurs together to learn from a diverse group of speakers, each with a unique view of what it means to grow a business.

The Boston event is one of three Hypergrowth conferences around the globe, including London (June 10) and San Francisco (November 18).


When: September 3–6, 2019
Where: Boston, MA
Hosted by: HubSpot
Cost: All-Access Pass $599 (1-day) $899 (4-day) (before March 15, other ticket levels available)
What to Expect: INBOUND is designed to educate and connect you with others in the inbound marketing industry with an end goal to help you grow your business. With sessions designed equally for sales and marketing, this conference is sure to cover aspects that can help almost every industry and from all parts of the world.

One of the best parts of this event is its networking opportunities and "Club INBOUND," the open marketplace filled with like-minded professionals and businesses providing you with connections to services you never even knew you needed.

8. Content Marketing World

When: September 3–6, 2019
Where: Cleveland, OH
Hosted by: Content Marketing Institute
Cost: All-Access Ticket $1,999 (before February 28)
What to Expect: The content beast is always hungry and Content Marketing World is here to help marketers feed and nurture it. For those who create content with a purpose and want to improve their content strategies, this is your place.

CMW draws big names in the industry and in pop culture, mixing in sessions that skew from beginner to c-level. Like another conference going on at exactly the same time, sessions fill up fast and can be scheduled in advance.

9. B2B Marketing Forum

When: October 16–18, 2019
Where: Washington, DC
Hosted by: Marketing Profs
Cost: All-Access Ticket $2,195 (before March 1)
What to Expect: If you are a B2B marketer looking to take your game to the next level, this is where you want to be. Unlike many other conferences, the B2B Forum excels at focusing on one thing that’s hard to come by anywhere else -- B2B marketing. What this means is if you are a B2B marketing leader, you are going to have sessions tailored to your exact pain points and needs, allowing you to soak up the inspiration.

How Do You Choose?

Most of us won’t have the luxury of being able to attend all of these conferences, so how do you possibly know which one to choose?

Start by asking yourself what you want to get out it. What is the one thing you want to walk away from the event with? Are you looking for a focus on a single topic or are you hoping to span a range of sessions?

Then take a look at the social proof. See what others have said about past conferences, who the speakers were, and what the sessions covered.

Of course, you’ll also want to consider price, time away from the office (because you’ll want to be focused on the event while you’re away), and whether there’s room in the budget to bring the rest of your team.

In order to be the best that you can be as a marketer, and to do the absolute best job possible, you need to be not only up to date, but ahead of the curve. So go ahead and take the initiative to get there.


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