6 Sales Videos Every Marketing Team Needs to Make

Published on April 4th, 2019

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Video is 50x more likely to rank organically on Google than plain text results.

80% of all content consumed online is video.

Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images.

Are you getting the picture?

If video is not already a core part of your digital sales and marketing strategy, it should be. Here are 6 types of marketing videos you should have your team creating.

1. 80% Videos

The 80% video is created to answer the most common questions that prospects ask -- solving for just about 80% of the questions your sales team gets asked.

This is a topic that your marketing team will need to lean on sales to get more insight into. To start, think of the top 10 questions you get about your product/service on every sales call.

Each question should be its own video. Within the topic, make sure each of these questions is answered:

What is the product/service?
Who is the product/service a good fit for?
When should you buy the product/service?
Why do I need the product/service?
How much does the produce/service cost?
How do I buy the product/service?
What misconceptions may I have about the product/service?

Here's a great example from one of our clients:

If you're able to provide these videos earlier on, it will help you speed up the process as these are questions that are bound to be asked anyway. A more educated buyer is a more likely buyer and, later on, a happier customer. 

If you're able to provide these videos earlier on, it will help you speed up the process as these are questions that are bound to be asked anyway. A more educated buyer is a more likely buyer and, later on, a happier customer.

2. Company Culture Video

At the end of the day, people buy from who they like. What better way to show off your people and your company values than through a company culture video? A company culture video should show the world what you do, why you do it, and your mission behind it all. It should tell the story of why your company started and the impact you're looking to make on the world.

Zendesk does a great job with their company culture video, which demonstrates a ton of personality, while also humanizing what is a global brand, with offices around the world:

There's an emotional factor that comes into play when someone makes a buying decision.

Sure, people want to buy the best product or service out there that is going to solve their problem, but they also want to make sure they are doing business with people they like and who share the same values -- especially if they're looking for a partner, rather than a single transaction.

Sometimes it's hard to show the human side to your business when your prospects aren't meeting you in person or given the chance to meet the other people on your team. This is where creating a company culture video will help you get the message across and connect with your audience on a whole new level.

3. Videos About Your Process

For a long time, business teams were scared to pull back the curtain and show behind the scenes of how they do what they do. They didn't want to give up the "secret sauce."

More and more, however, we're seeing businesses set aside that way of thinking. Instead, they're choosing to be transparent about how they do what they do, which helps build trust around the product and service.

When you're able to go behind the scenes it shows you have nothing to hide.

You allow your audience to see all the work that goes into the produce/service, the people who are involved in each stage, giving your audience a better understanding of what they are ultimately going to get.

Who would you rather buy from?

Someone who is willing to let you in to get to know the inner workings of how things are done or someone who keeps things a bit hidden from the world?

4. Customer Testimonials

What is one of the biggest questions you hear during the sales process?

I can bet you it's, "Do you have any case studies you can share with us?"

Instead of relying on written testimonials, turn to your marketing department to help with video testimonials. Video provides a different level of power than text alone does. It allows your prospect to see the excitement and positive words actually come out of someones mouth.

If the customers you'd like to include in video testimonials don't live nearby enough to record, have them record a video directly on their computer or webcam. Your team can then edit it from there.

5. Product/Service Demo

Have you considered creating a recorded demo of your product or service, so that people early in the sales process can see your product in action, and get a better feel for the features and benefits?

While there is power in doing a live demo -- the ability to address questions right away, the immediate gratification (in some cases) of the sales process morning forward.

But I want to challenge you to think about demos a different way.

You know the typical questions asked on demos. In fact, they're probably mostly all the same, from prospect to prospect. By creating a demo video, you can address a lot of the most common questions right off the bat. This will save you time later on in the process, because you'll be able to have more focused conversations, answering questions that are more specific to a prospect's situation.

6. Welcome Video

You've closed the sale, woohoo! The best way to keep the excitement going, and avoid any buyers remorse is to show the client you're super excited to be working with them. Have your marketing team record a one time video of all the company together celebrating and welcoming the new client.

Tools like Vidyard can allow you to hold up a whiteboard and change out personalization based on who is receiving the video. That way you can send the same video more than once, instead of having to record it multiple times.

One of the biggest drop-offs in excitement tends to be the sales to service handoff -- this will help start the transition off on the right foot.

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