How West Roofing Boosted Website Traffic 55x & Added $14M in Sales Opps

Published on April 11th, 2019

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For many local contractor businesses, word of mouth referrals are often the primary driver that generates new business.

But Cleveland, Ohio–based West Roofing wanted to do something different. They wanted to set themselves apart from the rest of their competitors by creating a website dedicated to educating clients on all things commercial roofing.

“I started to look at our [website’s] organic growth rates, and realized we had a flat line,” explained West Roofing CEO Jack Moore. “It was concerning, considering where we wanted to head in the future.”

Starting the Content Journey

Right around the same time Moore was considering ramping up his inbound marketing efforts, he met IMPACT partner, Marcus Sheridan.

“I knew, working with Marcus, that this was going to be the right program to be successful and break that barrier,” Moore remembered.

Shortly thereafter, he hired a dedicated marketing manager to own the process and started to implement They Ask, You Answer strategies — principles developed by Sheridan that focus on content that is driven by answering client questions.

They began producing two blog articles per week dedicated to answering customers’ most pressing questions on all things commercial roofing.

From problems that lead building owners to consider purchasing a new roof, to detailed explanations on the different types of roof systems, to ensuring clients know how to best vet potential bidding contractors, they left no question unanswered.

Answering The Big 5 Questions Leads to a Big Payoff

It didn’t take long for them to start seeing incredible results.

Within two months, West Roofing had doubled its organic traffic. Two months after that, they doubled it again. Three months later, they doubled it again.

In their first year, they grew their organic traffic to 4,763 visits per month, over 22 X (2,147%).

The most recent stats are even more impressive. Their website received 11,348 visits in March 2019 — that’s a 53.5 X (5,253%) jump from just two years earlier.

The Importance of Buy-In and an Inbound Sales Team

While their website traffic has grown exponentially over the past two years, their biggest struggle was getting their sales team to use the content in their sales prospecting.

It’s not enough for the marketing team to use content to draw more prospects to the website. Sales teams need to use the existing content in their process to educate prospective buyers.

One way they can do this by giving prospects homework assignments to read up on the most important educational content that resolves 80% of questions most consumers have. We call this process assignment selling.

“Utilizing the content through assignment selling has been a bit of a learning curve,” Moore admitted. “It’s uncomfortable at first, doing something with a customer you’ve never done before.”

But using content for both sales and marketing strategies has paid off, literally.

In the two years since West Roofing has been implementing They Ask, You Answer as their core inbound marketing philosophy, they’ve already closed 14 commercial roofing deals they can tie directly to their marketing efforts. The company's organic lead generation has led to bids valued at more than $14 million — jobs they would have otherwise never had the opportunity to bid on if not for their in-house digital sales and marketing team.

Moore gives one piece of parting advice to any company considering implementing They Ask, You Answer and running an in-house digital sales and marketing team: “You need to get buy-in. One person cannot carry the torch for the whole company. It really is a team effort.”

Learn the Exact Playbook West Roofing Followed at IMPACT Live 2019

The success West Roofing has seen isn’t unusual for companies that prioritize content, get full buy-in across the organization, and follow the principles of They Ask, You Answer.

At IMPACT Live, Marcus Sheridan — whose conversation with West Roofing put them on the They Ask, You Answer path — will be walking through exactly how to build a digital sales and marketing team that develops content that closes deals. You’ll be deep diving into playbooks, activities, and pro-tips that will have you finally seeing the ROI you’ve been working for.

Over the course of two, fully immersive days, Marcus and the IMPACT team, along with invited experts, will teach you the digital marketing and sales playbook that the most successful companies, like West Roofing, use to drive significant revenue growth and become true “inbound organizations.”

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