How Yale Appliance Grew from $30m to $120m Only Using Content

Published on March 14th, 2019

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Boston-based Yale Appliance is a David-sized local appliance store that has become a content marketing Goliath. Without spending a single dollar on advertising, Yale has climbed to the top of their industry.

How is this even possible? By obsessing over their customers’ questions, making content a priority, and securing buy-in from across the company.

The Turning Point

Yale Appliance’s CEO,  Steve Sheinkopf, started the company’s content journey over ten years ago, but he wasn’t seeing the results he wanted from his efforts. He reached out to Marcus Sheridan for advice, and that conversation became a turning point both for Yale’s inbound results and for the company’s bottom line.

Sheinkopf shifted his focus from telling the company’s story from a business perspective into framing it around the habits, problems, and needs of appliance consumers.

And he didn’t just stop with a smarter approach to the type of content he was producing: he also made content production a companywide policy, going so far as to add mandatory content production into the employee handbook.

The Results

Today, Yale Appliance is making a killing by providing educational articles, videos, buyer’s guides, and e-books that are answering people’s questions about appliances.

With their retargeted marketing efforts, Yale’s website traffic, leads, customers, and revenue began to grow at an incredible rate; doubling nearly every year from 2011 until the present, where their traffic averages up to 750,000 visits and 8,000 leads every month.

Since they began implementing inbound marketing, they’ve had nearly 30 million visits to the website, made over 320,000 contacts, and closed over 12,000 customers.

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