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As a sales professional in today's virtual world you must adapt quickly to keep driving revenue. At this full-day virtual event, you'll equip yourself with the tools, strategies, and expert insights you need to get ahead of the competition and thrive in our new virtual sales-driven reality.

Spotlight Speakers

Speaker Background Marcus Sheridan
Marcus Sheridan
Keynote Speaker, IMPACT
Speaker Background Jill Konrath
Jill Konrath
Sales Strategist & Author of SNAP Selling
Speaker Background Yamini Rangan
Yamini Rangan
Chief Customer Officer at HubSpot
Speaker Background Zachary Basner
Zachary Basner
Director of Inbound Training and Video Strategy, IMPACT
Speaker Background Myriah Anderson
Myriah Anderson
Video for Sales Expert
Speaker Background Bob Ruffolo
Bob Ruffolo
Speaker Background Donald Kelly
Donald Kelly
CEO at The Sales Evangelist
Speaker Background Chad Burmeister
Chad Burmeister
Founder and CEO of
Speaker Background Carina Duffy
Carina Duffy
Director of HubSpot Training, IMPACT
Speaker Background Chris Duprey
Chris Duprey
Chief Learning Officer, IMPACT
Speaker Background Liz Moorehead
Liz Moorehead
Editorial Director
Speaker Background Will Schultz
Will Schultz
Video Trainer, IMPACT
Speaker Background Kate Rooney
Kate Rooney
Brand Director at Design Pickle
Speaker Background David Gable
David Gable
Director of Growth at Kixie
Speaker Background Viveka von Rosen
Viveka von Rosen
Cofounder and CVO (Chief Visibility Officer) of Vengreso
Speaker Background Josh Turner
Josh Turner
Founder and CEO of Connect 365
Speaker Background Todd Earwood
Todd Earwood
Founder and CEO of IntegrateIQ

What You’ll Get at the Virtual Selling Summit

Sessions hand-tailored to improve sales results


With face-to-face sales no longer an option, you and your sales team must embrace virtual selling. Moreover, you must do it well (and fast) to stay ahead of your competition and achieve your most aggressive sales targets. 

By the end of the Virtual Selling Summit, you’ll know what tools and techniques to use in your sales process, how to leverage powerful content to close more deals faster, and countless other battle-tested tactics crush your sales goals.

Sessions hand-tailored to improve sales results
How To Transform Into A Virtual Selling Organization
How To Transform Into A Virtual Selling Organization

How To Transform Into A 
Virtual Selling Organization

Before COVID-19, you could meet face-to-face, and close a hard-won deal with a handshake and a smile. Which is why sales, out of any other department, is the one that has been the most dramatically impacted by recent events. Unfortunately, many sales teams were not ready for this abrupt shift. 

Since the onset of COVID-19, Marcus Sheridan has spent countless hours tirelessly working with B2B and B2C organizations to help them adopt a virtual selling methodology, with many seeing immediate positive results.

If you're looking for immediate takeaways to apply to your sales process, this is one presentation you won't want to miss.

Insights from companies crushing it with video

Learn from companies
crushing it with video

Whether you’re managing a sales team or are a frontline sales rep, we’re all adapting to a video-first selling environment. 

Hear from sales leaders who are crushing video selling as they relay exactly how they started on their journey to remarkable sales results. Learn how to avoid the common mistakes they made and how best to integrate a visual sales process into your business — to help you surpass even your most aggressive targets.

Insights from companies crushing it with video

Virtual Selling Summit Partners

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